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San Francisco Fireworks and Fourth of July Celebrations
The San Francisco Bay Area marks July 4 with fireworks, picnics, concerts and family fun. Here's a guide to some of the best activities and offerings in and ...
Periodic Table of the Elements - Fireworks & Pyrotechnics - Chemistry
This is an interactive periodic table of the elements showing the uses of elements in fireworks and pyrotechnics.
Fireworks Phobias in Dogs - About.com
A fear of fireworks is very common in dogs. The good news is that there are ways to deal with a dog's fireworks phobia which can ease his stress and anxiety.
Sodium - Elements in Fireworks - Chemistry - About.com
Learn about the use of the element sodium in fireworks and pyrotechnics.
Fireworks Projects - Make Your Own Fireworks & Pyrotechnics
Learn how to make your own fireworks and pyrotechnic devices (safely).
Colored Fireworks Rainbow Demonstration - Chemistry - About.com
Make a colored fireworks rainbow. Burn the same chemicals used to color fireworks, in a row to produce a rainbow effect.
Strontium - Elements in Fireworks - Chemistry - About.com
Learn about the use of the element strontium in fireworks and pyrotechnics.
Lithium - Elements in Fireworks - Chemistry - About.com
Learn about the use of the element lithium in fireworks and pyrotechnics.
Fireworks and Thunder - Share what works for your pet on 4th of ...
Fear of loud sounds - fireworks, thunder, gunshot - are called noise phobias. Some pets don't seem to notice, some get a bit stressed, and some pets are ...
Fun Homemade Fireworks Projects to Make Yourself - Chemistry
Have you ever wanted to make your own fireworks? These are instructions for fireworks projects so you can make homemade fireworks.
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