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New Year's Day in New York - Manhattan - About.com
What's open on New Year's Day in New York City? You've got plenty of options for New Year's Day fun in the city that never sleeps. Start 2013 right and set the ...
New Year's Day Parade London 2013 - London Travel Guide
The annual London New Year's Day Parade started in 1987. Find out all you need to know about when and where to be to see this Parade billed as Europe's  ...
New Years Day in Washington, DC - What's Open?
Jan 1, 2009 ... Find out what's open in Washington, DC on New Years Day, Things to do in Washington, DC after the party on New Years Day.
How to Celebrate Chinese New Year's Day - Chinese Culture
Chinese New Year is the most important and, at 15 days, the longest holiday in China. Learn how to celebrate Chinese New Year's Day.
Things To Do On New Year's Day 2014 in Phoenix - About.com
Many people have the day off from work and school on January 1st. It might be a day of recuperation for some people who partied until 2 a.m. on New Year's Eve ...
New Year's Day - Classic Literature - About.com
We have lots of ways to explain what New Year's Day means to us. It's more than just the first day of the year... It marks the opportunity for new resolutions, hope ...
New Year Celebration in Japan - Shogatsu - Japan Travel - About.com
How is New Year celebrated in Japan? Japanese New Year celebration is called shogatsu. New Year's Day on January 1 is called gantan and is a Japanese ...
Things to Do on New Years Day in Brooklyn - About.com
What to do in Brooklyn on New Year's Day? Well, here's an idea: how about watching 1200 reasonably sane people take the plunge into the Atlantic Ocean off ...
Black-Eyed Peas, a New Year's Eve Tradition in the South
Hoppin' John - Although served throughout the year as well, Hoppin' John is one of the most traditional New Year's Eve and New Year's Day dishes in the South ...
New Year's Eve and Day Family Activities in the Albuquerque Area
Some New Year's Eve and New Year's Day specials are made especially for kids and family fun. Find some specials and make it a family event.
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