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ADODI New York

A Safe Space for Gay Men of African Heritage


ADODI's mission is to provide a safe space to same sex loving men of African heritage who seek a better understanding of their own spirituality, self-expression and sexual identity.

ADODI, the plural of the Yoruba word ADO, describes a man who "loves" another man. In Africa, the ADODI of the tribe are thought to embody both male and female ways of being and are revered as shamans, sages and leaders.

The group meets the second Saturday of every month at the Audre Lorde Project in Brooklyn.


ADODI New York

P.O. Box 7417, JAF Station

New York, NY 10116-7417 

Phone: 718-596-0342, ext. 15

Email: ADODINewYork@aol.com


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