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The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Candidates

Bethenny -- The New York Chef


The Apprentice: Martha Stewart Candidates
Courtesy of NBC

Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Occupation:Natural Foods Chef
Bio: Bethenny, 34, runs a food delivery service providing healthy meals for celebrities and other rich health nuts. The NYU graduate also owns Bethenny Bakes, a lowfat, wheat-, dairy- and egg-free cookie company in New York.

Prior to becoming a chef, Bethenny worked in event planning in L.A. and founded a company called Princess Pashmina, a pashmina shawl importer. Bethenny loves yoga and llives in New York City with her dog Cookie.

Chances to Win: Are you kidding me? She’s got Martha Stewart written all over her. She’s a chef and a pashmina importer? The odds are high that several of the challenges on this show will involve egg-free cooking and/or pashminas. Throw in the fact that Bethenny used to date the son of Martha’s advisor Charles Koppelman and it looks like Ms. B might have this thing in the bag. Even Cindy Margolis is rooting for her. And that says a lot.

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

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