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2012 About.com Manhattan Readers' Choice Awards

Readers Choose the Best of New York City


The votes are in and the winners have been selected for the 2012 About.com Manhattan Readers' Choice Awards.

Congratulations to all of the worthy winners!

1. About the 2012 Manhattan Readers' Choice Awards

2012 About.com Readers' Choice
For our second annual Manhattan Readers' Choice Awards, we took nominations from our readers in 10 categories. For each category, readers nominated five finalists and then voted for the winners from Feb. 22 through March 21, 2012. The polls were audited and validated by our tech team to produce the final results: FAQ on poll validation. You can see more categories across dozens of About.com topics for Readers' Choice Awards in technology, products, services, and more.

2. Best New York City Food Truck -- A Tie!

Kelvin Natural Slush food truck
This race was just too close to call so we had to declare a tie. Congratulations to the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck and the Kelvin Natural Slush Truck.

Why not enjoy a dumpling dinner and a raspberry ginger slush for dessert? That way, you get to enjoy the best of both of the Best New York City Food Trucks.

3. Best Dessert in Manhattan -- Doughnut Plant

doughnut plant donuts
New York City is home to some of the best desserts in the world. But according to your votes, the ultimate NYC sweet treat is a doughnut from The Doughnut Plant.

The Doughnut Plant, with NYC locations on the Lower East Side and in Chelsea, makes homemade doughnuts in tantalizing flavors including pineapple, peanut butter and jelly, hazelnut, tres leches, and many more.

4. Best New York City App -- NYC-ARTS

2012 About.com Readers' Choice
We asked you to vote for the Best New York City App and the competition was fierce. The winner is NYC-ARTS, the ultimate mobile guide to arts and culture events all over New York City.

Brought to you by the people behind Channel Thirteen WNET, NYC-ARTS is a free mobile guide designed to help you discover the best arts and culture events happening in and around New York City.

5. Best Manhattan Gym -- Sports Center at Chelsea Piers

chelsea piers rock climbing wall
In the battle for Best Manhattan Gym, we had a clear and decisive winner -- the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers.

With a full 74% of the vote, the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers dominated the vote. And why not? This massive workout destination on the Hudson River has everything -- from fitness classes to rock climbing, to ice skating, to a year-round swimming pool.

6. Best Manhattan Yoga Class -- OM Yoga

OM Yoga
OM Yoga in Union Square can now claim the title of Best Manhattan Yoga Class.

Owner Cyndi Lee describes OM yoga as a seamless integration of vinyasa, precise alignment, and the Buddhist meditation methods of mindfulness and compassion. Classes are held daily in the 6th floor OM Yoga studio above The Strand bookstore. Offerings also include prenatal yoga classes, private classes, and yoga teacher training.

7. Best Manhattan Fitness Class -- Physique 57

physique 57
Looking for the ultimate Manhattan fitness class to whip you into shape? Check out Physique 57, our winner for Best Manhattan Fitness Class.

Physique 57 classes combine isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches to lengthen and sculpt your muscles. Celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Denise Richards have been spotted at Physique 57 studios in New York (Spring Street, West 57th Street, and West 73rd Street), Bridgehampton, and L.A.

8. Best Manhattan Dog Run -- Carl Schurz Park

carl schurz park dog
New Yorkers love their dogs -- and they love their dog runs. This year, we asked you to vote for the best Manhattan dog run and you selected the dog run in Carl Schurz Park as the big winner.

9. Best Manhattan Hair Color -- James Corbett

James Corbett Studio Spa
The competition for the title of Best Manhattan Hair Color was hard-fought. Each of the three finalists earned hundreds of votes and the leader kept changing throughout the voting period. In the end, James Corbett at James Corbett Studio was the big winner.

Located in Union Square, James Corbett Studios offers a full menu of salon and spa services in an elegant but friendly environment. James himself is a master colorist beloved by celebrities and New York beauty editors.

10. Best Manhattan Salon for Curly Hair -- Devachan

devachan salon curly hair nyc
Devachan Salon and Wei Lang Spa at Devachan took the title for Best Manhattan Salon for Curly Hair. Founded by Lorraine Massey, curl advocate and author of the book Curly Girl, Devachan specializes in making curly hair beautiful through cut, color, and their own line of products for curly hair.

11. Best Manhattan Salon for Black Hair -- LaVar

Lavar Salon black hair
LaVar earned 82% of the vote to dominate the category of Best Manhattan Salon for Black Hair. Founder Ellin LaVar is a legend who has styled numerous celebrities and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Located on West 72nd Street, LaVar offers haircuts, color, weaves and extensions, natural hair care services, relaxed hair care services, and more.

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