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24-Hour Pharmacies in Manhattan

Find a 24-Hour Pharmacy in Manhattan


Whether you need cough medicine for your little one or an emergency prescription refill, sometimes you can't wait until 9 a.m. These Manhattan drug stores are open around the clock, most with 24-hour pharmacy services. To make it easier to find the pharmacy near you, there are separate lists for downtown, midtown and uptown

Downtown (below 23rd St.)
Rite-Aid (24-hour pharmacy), 408 Grand St. at Clinton, (212)-529-7115

Duane Reade (24-hour store), 769 Broadway at East 9th St., (646)-602-8274

Duane Reade(24-hour store), 123 3rd Ave. at 14th St., (212)-529-7140

Duane Reade(24-hour store), 24 E. 14th St. at University Place, (212)-989-3632

Walgreen's (24-hour pharmacy), 145 Fourth Avenue at 14th Street, (212) 677-0054

Duane Reade (24-hour store), 378 6th Ave at Waverly Place, 212-674-5357

Duane Reade (24-hour store), 598 Broadway between Houston and Prince, (212)-343-2567

Duane Reade (24-hour store), 180 W 20th St at 7th Ave., (212)-243-0129

CVS (24-hour pharmacy), 342 East 23rd St. at 2nd Ave., (212)-505-1555

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