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Wifi Location Directory

Free Internet Access at New York Wifi Hotspots


With wifi, short for “wireless fidelity”, you can connect to the Internet from just about anywhere in Manhattan. All you need is your laptop or a PDA with wireless access (wifi 802.11b enabled).

There are thousands of wifi hotspots (a hotspot is just a wifi access point, usually for connecting to the Internet) in New York City. Hotspots are found in restaurants, bars, stores, and even public parks. Some hotspots charge you to go online, but many are free.

Wifi Location Directory -- Find A Free Wifi Hotspot:
Why pay for wifi when you can get it for free? With our wifi location directory, you can find a free wifi hotspot in any neighborhood. Browse free wifi hotspots in Manhattan.

The JiWire HotSpot Directory can also help you find free and pay wireless Internet access all over New York City and beyond. You can search by zip code, location type, or service provider. You can also check out Wifi security tips and other wireless resources.

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