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Manhattan Passport 101

Renew Your Passport Fast in New York City


U.S. Passport

Renewal of a U.S. Passport -- Slow Way

You can renew by mail if: Your most recent passport is available to submit and is not damaged; you received your passport within the past 15 years; you were over age 16 when it was issued; and you still have the same name, or can legally document your name change.

Download a passport renewal application form, attach all required and a $67 fee payable to the U.S. Department of State. Then follow complete mailing instructions.

If your passport has been altered or damaged, you cannot apply by mail. You must apply in person.

Renewal of a U.S. Passport -- Faster Way

You can expedite your passport renewal for an additional fee of $60 per application plus overnight delivery costs. If you pay for expedited service and two-way overnight delivery, you SHOULD receive your passport within two weeks.

Renewal of a U.S. Passport -- Fastest Way

For super-fast service, use a passport expediting service, you'll have to pay extra -- anything from $50 to $180+ (not including government fees). Here are some Manhattan expediters to consider:

It's Easy, Inc.: 125 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor (directly across from Grand Central Station). Phone: 1-866-ITS-EASY (1-866-487-3279)
Travisa: 292 Fifth Ave. (between 30th and 31st), Suite 204. Tel: 212-613-2223
Travco: 1375 Broadway, Ste. 600, New York, NY 10018. Tel: 212-624-9194

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