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Everything you need to know to survive and thrive in New York City. Learn about Manhattan's history and landmarks and get inside tips on essential Manhattan life skills like finding an apartment, getting a job, and navigating your way around town.
  1. Free and Cheap New York
  2. New York City Shopping
  3. New York City History and Landmarks
  4. Getting Around New York City

Free and Cheap New York

piggy bank

Life in New York City ain't cheap. In this economy, we're all looking for ways to save money while maintaining a fabulous Manhattan lifestyle (i.e. roof over head, plentiful cocktails). We've got tips on where to find discount shopping deals, how to find the best free and cheap New York City events, and more.

New York City Shopping

South Street Seaport Shopping Mall

Your guide to finding the best shopping bargains in New York City.

New York City History and Landmarks

Empire State Building

Learn more about Manhattan's rich history. From Indian territory to New Amsterdam to Manhattan island. Get the real story on Manhattan landmarks you thought you knew -- from Ellis Island to the Empire State Building and beyond.

Getting Around New York City

Getting around Manhattan efficiently is both an art and science. Learn the subways from A-Z and 1-9. Buses and taxis and bicycles, oh my. Share tips and horror stories with your fellow commuters -- and find out how to avoid that flasher on the Number 2 train.

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