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Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park

New York's Dogs Show Off Creative and Cute Halloween Costumes


Every Halloween, the dogs of New York strut their stuff at the nation's largest Halloween parade for dogs in Tompkins Square Park. Hundreds of spectators and dog owners turned out to admire dogs in creative and ridiculously adorable costumes. There were doggie pirates, princesses, fire hydrants, bumble bees, a MetroCard turnstile, a Chinese food takeout container, and many more. The cuteness was almost unbearable. It's impossible to look at dogs in Halloween costumes and feel depressed. Go on, I dare you.
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dog halloween costume princessHer Royal HighnessRocky The Bulldog As Your Neighborhood Fire HydrantBulldog Meets CowgirlMetroCard Doggie Costume
Oscar The GrouchPrincess PuppyMore Princess PuppyFrench Bulldog In Baby Costume
French Bulldog In Baby CostumeBaby French Bulldog Meets CowgirlThe Headless Horseman Rides AgainThe Headless Horseman Rides Again
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