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Lisa Dubois

Biography of Contributing Photographer Lisa Dubois


Lisa Dubois
Lisa Dubois
Lisa DuBois was born in the exciting city of New York. She has freelanced for publications such as Post, Black American, Amsterdam News, People, and Photo Link agency. Lisa is also currently curator for the Art World Talks Podcast radio show.

Lisa has had two recent successful solo shows in Manhattan -- Figments of my Imagination at Le D Art Salon and Fantasy Flora at the American Art Gallery. She is the founder of NY EPAC (New York Exhibiting Photographers, Artists and Curators), which is a Facebook site of approximately 350 established and emerging artists, photographers, and curators, creating a network of fine art ready for exhibition.

Lisa was educated at the prestigious Germain School of Photography and the School of Visual Arts. After receiving a degree for Professional Career Photography with awards, she continued to study with Ruth Orkin (best known for Family of Man exhibition).

From Lisa:
There is a transference of energy that takes place at sacred ceremonies and parades and I "get into the zone" when photographing these events. It is my job to capture in 125th of a second a moment that is worth looking at.

As a photoartist, I produce thought-provoking surreal images from my original photographs, creating places and people that one can only dream about. I am also passionate about a new project called Crayons for Kids in India. This project has been created to inspire people to donate boxes of crayons for underprivileged children in India to inspire and facilitate artistic creativity.

I divide my time between exhibiting my fine art work, creating individual contracted photo design, and selling to collectors and aficionados.

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