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Rudy Pospisil

Biography of Contributing Photographer Rudy Pospisil


Rudy Pospisil
Rudy Pospisil
Rudy Pospisil is a photographer relocated from San Francisco and now living in New York City and willing to travel anywhere for the shot. His day jobs are at Estée Lauder and Pratt Institute.

Rudy started shooting at age 8 with an Argus 120mm camera using a medium once known as film, creating a Star Wars book with his best friend Scott. Not stopping there, he went on to become the go-to photog for high school events and rode the floor of many a varsity school bus filled with smelly football players in order to photograph the games. Yes, it's all true and it's only gotten better. He loves photography, and having 30+ years of experience, loves to share it.

The Ohio State University. Now that we've been kicking Michigan's butt repeatedly, I can once again say it with pride.

From Rudy:
For a couple of years now since I have moved here, I have been toying around with the idea of creating a reference of the windows here in New York City. Whether you're a painter, designer, cabbie, cop, accountant, or pedestrian, they always have the ability to serve inspiration. My hats off to the creative forces. Granted, what I am doing is not photography as art but rather, photography to document great art. They are much more creative than anything that I could ever come up with. They need to be shared.

Visit Rudy's blog and see more of his amazing photographs.

Rudy Pospisil Photography

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