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Tips and Resources for Renting or Buying An Apartment in Manhattan

Your guide to navigating the Manhattan real estate market and finding the perfect apartment.
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Manhattan Apartment Rentals: Apartment Building Types
Looking to rent an apartment in Manhattan? Learn about the different apartment building types for renters in New York City.

Manhattan Apartment Rental Resources: Finances, Credit Checks, Leases, and Fees
Looking to rent a Manhattan apartment? Read all about rental costs, financial requirements, credit checks, security deposits, broker's fees, and more.

Apartment Rental Checklist: Before You Rent a New York Apartment, Do Your...
Finding a great rental apartment for a reasonable price in Manhattan is hard. There's a lot of competition and some landlords and brokers are real sharks. This apartment rental inspection checklist will help you evaluate apartments objectively and avoid getting ripped off.

Find a No-Fee Apartment in Manhattan -- New York City Management Companies
Save money by finding a no-fee apartment without a broker. Management companies rent no-fee apartments directly to New Yorkers. Here's a list of reputable management companies with no fee apartments in New York City.

New York City Real Estate 101 -- Condos vs. Co-ops
A guide for real estate investors to the differences between condominium and co-op apartments in New York City. Included are advantages and disadvantages of condos vs. co-ops.

Find a No-Fee Apartment in Manhattan -- New York City Listing Services
Review of no-fee listing services in New York City. Find a no-fee apartment in Manhattan.

New York Times Apartment Listings
Search apartments for rent and sale in Manhattan. Search by size, neighborhood, and price. Find open houses and see what's out there. Read the latest articles related to Manhattan real estate.

Manhattan Market Overviews -- Co-op and Condo Sales
Quarterly surveys of Manhattan co-op and condo sales. Includes analyses of the current market and future trends, along with data on average and median sales prices

Village Voice Apartment Listings
Great resource for downtown apartments (and some listings above 14th St.). Check in daily, because the good deals go fast. Online listings are generally updated at midnight on weekdays.

Co-op and Condo Listings Through Foxton's
Foxton's (they've dropped the YHD from their name) offers exclusive listings of co-ops, condos, and homes for sale in the New York City area. Many open houses are listed.

Craig's List Apartment Listings
Check out Craig's List for more apartment listings.

Rent Stabilized Buildings in Manhattan
Find out if your building is rent-stabilized and know your rights as a rent-stabilized tenant.

Housing Forum on Craig's List
The Housing Forum is a great place to post a question about a neighborhood, broker or building. There are lots of knowledgeable folks willing to give advice. As always with CL forums, watch out for wackos, perverts, and people with ulterior motives (i.e. brokers in disguise).

Corcoran Apartment Listings
If you can afford a high-end apartment, or if you enjoy browsing through photos of how the other half lives and fantasizing, you can't beat the Corcoran site. Corcoran also has some good free reports for renting and buying apartments in NYC.

City Realty Listings
City Realty is a great resource for apartment hunters. It provides listings, floor plans, neighborhood info, and much more.

My First New York Apartment
Remember when you were new to New York, when you thought the future was limitless and the subway was charming? See submissions

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