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Resources for Manhattan's Gay & Lesbian Community

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Resources in Manhattan
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  2. Fire Island Workout (5)
  3. Gay New York City History (20)
  4. LGBT Associations and Groups NYC (5)
  5. NYC Gay Bars (8)
  6. NYC Gay of the Day Profiles (5)
  7. New York LGBT Gay Pride Week (12)
  8. The Black Party (10)

NYC Gay Pride Parade

New York City Gay Biographies
Read about New York City's famous gay and lesbian icons and leaders throughout history.

Books about New York City's Gay History
Read about the long history of LGBT people in New York City.

Mr. Transman
Female-to-male (FTM) competitors duke it out for the title of Mr. Transman.

Fire Island Black Out
Fire Island Black Out, also known as FIBO, returns to the New York City gay getaway of Fire Island from August 12 to 14, 2011. Find out more about Fire Island Black Out, including transportation, admission, lodging and event info.

Gay Themed Theater in New York City for Summer and Fall 2011
Gay characters and themes are always plentiful in New York City theater, from tiny shows to major Broadway productions. Here's a look at the best and gayest of what's on offer for Summer and Fall 2011.

Fairgrounds: Out at Night
Find out more about Six Flags Great Adventure's Fairgrounds Out at Night, the park's annual gay night.

New York City Gay Wedding Album
Our gay wedding album captures some of the happy same-sex couples who got married on July 24, 2011, the first official day of legal gay marriage in New York City.

East Village Church Offers Free Gay Weddings
In the afterglow of the passage of New York's Marriage Equality Act, the pastor of Trinity Lower East Side Church in New York's East Village neighborhood has pledged to perform gay weddings for free for the first year of their inception. Find out more about this unique offer and the gracious pastor who made it.

New York City Gay Marriage Guide
With the historic signing of New York's Marriage Equality Act into law on June 24, 2011, gay marriage is set to become a booming reality in the Big Apple, for both locals and visitors alike. Here are the basics you need to know about tying the gay knot in NYC.

The Pop-Up Chapel
In response to the passage of New York's Marriage Equality Act, The Pop-Up Chapel will marry same-sex New York couples en masse, free of charge, on July 30, 2011. The event will provide all wedding necessities, from the photographer to the officiant to the witnesses, and even the cupcakes. Find out more about this unique event, scheduled to take...

Marriage Equality Becomes a Reality in New York
New York became the sixth state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage on June 24, 2011, when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a toughly contested marriage equality bill into law. Find out more about this historic legislation, reactions from top political leaders, and what it all means for LGBT New Yorkers.

Father Mychal Judge
Father Mychal Judge, an openly gay Franciscan priest, was the first official victim of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

The Gay Pride Parade in New York
See photos of the spectacular Gay Pride Parade in New York City -- part of New York's annual LGBT Pride celebration.

The Rally 2012 - NYC's Gay Pride Rally
One month after the Stonewall Riots that fully ushered in the modern gay rights movement, a group of 500 people gathered in Washington Square Park for a a "Gay Power" demonstration. Now called The Rally, this event is the longest-running element of New York City's LGBT Pride, and is held on the Saturday of the weekend before the main march (for...

LGBT Pride Week 2011
New York City's gay community gathers for Pride Week 2011 to celebrate gay pride, raise their voices for gay liberation and commemorate the anniversary of Stonewall with parties, events, and one of the country's largest gay pride parades

Pride Goes East 2011
New York City's arty Lower East Side officially ushers in Manhattan's 2011 gay pride season with its Pride Goes East, a month-long collection of theater, performances and parties. Kicking things off is the June 4th Gay Pride Month Launch Party, headlined by Sir Ari Gold and featuring a Go Gaga Look-Alike Competition.

Timeline of Chelsea Gay History
New York's Chelsea area became the city's main gayborhood in the 1990s, but its LGBT history stretches back for decades. This timeline of Chelsea gay history hits the main highlights.

Timeline of Midtown Gay History, 1900-1960
New York City's Midtown area has a gay past stretching back more than a century. This timeline hits the main highlights of Midtown's LGBT history, from 1900 to 1960.

Timeline of Midtown Gay History, 1961-2000
New York City's Midtown area has a gay past stretching back more than a century. This timeline hits the main highlights of Midtown's LGBT history, from 1961 to 2000.

Staten Island Pride 2011
Staten Island kicks off NYC's 2011 gay pride season with its seventh annual Pride Parade & Festival on June 4. The local gay scene may have taken a few hits over the last year, but its plucky pride is now a constant, and always a much-anticipated event for the borough's many LGBT people.

Timeline of Greenwich/West Village Gay History, 1890-1930
New York's Greenwich/West Village area was the city's first ever gayborhood. Find out more about the events that shaped its early LGBT history, from 1890 to 1930.

Peter Sewally (alias Mary Jones, Miss Ophelia, Beefsteak Pete, and Man-Monster)
When New York City police captured prostitute Mary Jones for pickpocketing in 1836, little did they know that it would lead to an early transgender tabloid scandal, or that their detainee, Peter Sewally, would come to be known as Beefsteak Pete. Learn more about this fascinating piece of early NYC LGBT history.

Gladys Bentley
Wearing men's clothes and weighing in at 250 pounds, singer Gladys Bentley cut one of the most striking figures of the Harlem Renaissance. Learn more about this talented and fascinating NYC black lesbian pioneer.

The Black Party 2012
One of the biggest and darkest gay nightlife events of the year, New York City's raucous Black Party returns every vernal equinox to the Roseland Ballroom. 2011 brings the 32nd Black Party incarnation, featuring first time superstar DJs Manny Lehman and Danny Tenaglia. For the second year, BPX: The Black Party Expo will usher in the mass of...

Queens Pride 2011
The NYC borough of Queens is home to a sizable LGBT community, much of it based around the diverse Jackson Heights neighborhood. The 19th annual Queens Pride will honor that diversity on Sunday, June 5, 2011, with a march followed by a Multicultural Festival, events that attract 50,000 people every year.

Allen Ginsberg
Hipster gay icon Allen Ginsberg was a poet, a radical, and a deep lover of New York City's East Village. Find out more about the Beat godfather's life and his many local addresses.

St. Pat's for All
St. Pat's for All is the first Irish parade in two and a half centuries of New York City history to be welcoming of LGBT people. Find out more about this annual Queens-based inclusive celebration of Irish heritage.

Walt Whitman
Born on Long Island but a longtime Brooklyn resident and Manhattan fixture, Walt Whitman was also one of America's greatest writers, and a powerful figure in our country's LGBT history. Learn more about Walt Whitman's fascinating life and important literary work.

BPX: The Black Party Expo & Bazaar 2011
Following its highly successful debut in 2010, BPX: The Black Party Expo and Bazaar returns to New York City's Roseland Ballroom for 2011. This year the event expands to two days, filling the Roseland with a wide range of raunch on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon, all in the exciting lead-up to Saturday evening's Black Party.

The Hookies
The 5th Annual International Escort Awards -- better known as the Hookies -- return to New York City for 2011 as part of BPX: The Black Party Expo. Find out more about these unique awards, honoring the best modern men of the world's oldest profession.

Mr. Rawhide NYC Contest 2011
New York City's oldest leather/Levi bar will once again crown its Mr. Rawhide NYC in March. Find out more about this annual quest to find mid-Chelsea's manliest.

Carl Van Vechten
Midwest-born Carl Van Vechten came to New York City in 1906 and became a noted dance critic, writer, photographer, society darling, and one of the few notable white figures in Harlem's mostly black Renaissance. Learn more about Van Vechten's life, work, and blatant-for-his-day homosexuality.

Multicultural LGBT Organizations in New York City
New York's LGBT community is as wonderfully diverse as the city itself. Find out more about the many multicultural groups that serve specific sub-sector needs within NYC's greater gay populace.

Gay History, NYC Style: Murray Hall
Murray Hall, a late 19th century Tammany Hall politico, was a hard drinking Scots-born New Yorker -- or so his buddies and nearly everyone else thought, until upon his death they discovered that he'd been born a woman. Find out more about Murray Hall, a fascinating and heartbreaking figure from NYC's long LGBT history.

Gay Parental Rights in New York
A new state law and court decisions further protected the rights of New York's gay parents in 2010. Read more about the latest developments in the legal landscape for New York's LGBT parents and their children.

The Cinekink Film Festival
Since 2003, New York's annual Cinekink Film Festival has been spicing up downtown with its stimulating celebration of cinematic sexuality. Find out more about this kink-positive festival and its 2011 roster of gay-inclusive works.

Murray Had a Little Glam
Join downtown sensation Murray Hill for the annual Oscar party at Joe's Pub.

Johnny Come Lately
Gay hipster club Johnny is one of the breakout hits of 2011 NYC nightlife. Find out more about this Thursday hotspot, held in the Ace Hotel's Liberty Hall.

The Anti-Violence Project
New York City's Anti-Violence Project provides support and advocacy for gay victims of violence, be that violence from outside or inside the community. Find out more about the history of AVP and its important services.

LGBT Publications in New York City
Your guide to New York City's magazines and newspapers. Find out more about NYC's five free guides to the best in local nightlife, news and entertainment.

Gay Speed Dating In New York City
Discover more about the many gay speed dating options in New York City. Find times and locations for LGBT speed dating events across NYC.

Sober Resources for LGBT New Yorkers
New York City is blessed with a large support network for gay people who wish to get -- and stay -- sober. Refer here for the city's best LGBT 12 Step program meetings and resources.

New York City's Best Gay New Year's Eve Clubs for 2011
Your guide to New York City's best gay clubs for New Year's Eve 2011. Find locations and ticket info for the hottest LGBT parties for NYE in NYC.

Gay TV in Manhattan
Your guide to finding gay television networks and shows in Manhattan. Complete info on how to locate LGBT channels and programming on all of the city's most popular cable and satellite systems.

The Greater New York Human Rights Campaign Gala 2011
The Greater New York Human Rights Campaign Gala will honor Julianne Moore and Credit Suisse at the 2011 version of its annual soiree. Learn more about this posh fundraiser that celebrates international champions of LGBT equality.

Gay Getaways for Valentine's Day
Why not splurge on a romantic Valentine's Day getaway beyond New York City limits? Contributing writer David Sokol recommends four romantic and gay-friendly destinations that are easily accessible from New York City by train or bus.

Gay New Year's Day 2011 - New York City's Best Gay Clubs for January 1
Why stop celebrating just because it's a new year? Head to one of these New Year's Day clubs to keep the gay party throbbing throughout the first day of 2011.

The Mr. Lower East Side Pageant
Discover more about the wacky annual male freakshow known as the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Learn about the contest's history and find important info about this year's smackdown.

BlackMen's Xchange
BlackMen's Xchange is a healing and empowering group for New York City's Black gay men. Find out more about BlackMen's Xchange here.

FIERCE - Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals for Community Empowerment
FIERCE, or Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals for Community Empowerment, is an LGBTQ youth organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of gay leadership. Find out more about FIERCE here.

Get Lifted with Ski Bums
Founded in 2003, Ski Bums is now the largest gay skiing and snowboarding organization both in New York City and the world. Discover more about the group's monthly meet-up, Avalanche, as well as its lively local day trips and farther-flung excursions.

Hanukkah 2010 - Guide to LGBT Events in NYC
Your 2010 guide to dedicated LGBT Chanukah events in New York City. Find full info for this year's NYC roster of gay-themed Chanukah (or Hanukkah) celebrations.

Las Buenas Amigas Lesbianas Latinas en Nueva York
Las Buenas Amigas is a social, political, and educational group for New York City's Latina lesbians. Find out more about Las Buenas Amigas here.

GMAD - Gay Men of African Descent
GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent) is dedicated to improving quality of life within New York City's black gay community. Find out more about GMAD here.

Irish Queers
Irish Queers is dedicated to fighting the homophobia of New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Find out more about Irish Queers here.

World AIDS Day 2011 - Events in New York City
Locate New York City's most important events in observance of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010. Find out more about NYC's many World AIDS Day vigils, exhibits and memorial services.

Men of All Colors Together New York
Men of All Colors Together New York (MACT/NY) is a multiracial and multicultural social group for gay and bisexual men in New York City. Find out more about MACT/NY here.

GAPIMNY (Gay Asian & Pacific Islander Men of New York)empowers gay, bisexual, and transgender Asian and Pacific Islanders who live in the greater New York City area. Find out more about GAPIMNY here.

PRIDE - Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment
PRIDE (Puerto Rican Initiative to Develop Empowerment) is New York City's educational, cultural and social group for LGBT Puerto Ricans. Find out more about PRIDE here.

Mateando - Primer Grupo Argentino/Uruguayo LGBT en NY
Mateando is New York City's group for LGBT natives of Argentina and Uruguay. Find out more about Mateando here.

The NorthEast Two-Spirit Society -- Native American Gay and Lesbian Group
The NorthEast Two-Spirit Society is the LGBT Native American Group of New York City and the surrounding tri-state area. Discover more about the NorthEast Two-Spirit Society here.

Day With(out) Art 2010 in New York City
This year's Day With(out) Art will be marked by an international screening of Ira Sachs's film "Last Address." Find out about where to see the film in New York City on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010.

SALGA-NYC - The South Asian Lesbian Gay Association of New York City
SALGA-NYC - The South Asian Lesbian Gay Association of New York City

Holiday Drag Shows in New York City
Your guide to New York's best holiday-themed drag shows. Find dates and times for 2010's top Christmas shows by legendary NYC drag queens (and a king).

Q-Wave -- Organization for Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Asian Women
Q-Wave is New York City's social, political, and educational group for lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women of Asian descent. Find out more about Q-Wave here.

Honoring World AIDS Day with Music in New York City
Your guide to the many concerts and other music events happening in New York City to honor World AIDS Day, 2010. Find times and locations for this diverse array of performances.

Where to See LGBT Films in New York City
Your guide to finding gay films in New York City. Find dates and locations for LGBT film series, LGBT film festivals, and theaters that often screen LGBT-themed movies.

High Holy Days for NYC's LGBT Community
The world's largest LGBT Jewish congregation, Beit Simchat Torah, attracts thousands to its High Holy Days observances in New York City. Find dates and locations for these special events.

Fire Island Workout
Get into shape for the Fire Island beaches with our Fire Island workout from hot New York trainer Gonzalo Garcia.

Fire Island Beaches
Information about Fire Island beach getaways from New York City, including The Pines Fire Island, Cherry Grove rentals, accommodations, events and more.

Fire Island Summer Shares
New York summers revolve around Fire Island, where gay life centers around Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove. Know where you're landing with this brief Fire Island history.

Best Gay Bars in New York: New York's Best Gay Bars
New York City has one of the hottest gay nightlife scenes in the world. New York has gay bars for every preference and mood -- from trendy club to sports bar to laid-back lesbian dive.

8 Great Gay Artworks in New York City Museums - LGBT Art in NYC

The list of LGBT artists who've lived in New York City is incredibly long, but so is the list of LGBT-themed art from New York and beyond that now resides within the city's major art repositories. Check out these important pieces next time you hit one of Gotham's top museums.

Therapy Review
Read a review of the Hell’s Kitchen bar and lounge Therapy. Meet the professional-style customers and pun-derful drinks in this Therapy review.

Gay and Lesbian Country-Western Dance
Refer to this overview of Big Apple Ranch to learn more about gay and lesbian Country-Western dance. Big Apple Ranch hosts Country-Western dance parties for the New York LGBT community.

Stonewall Riots: Modern Gay Rights Movement Was Born at New York's ...
Stonewall is much more than a popular gay bar in Manhattan's West Village. In 1969, the gay community of New York rose up against the police in the Stonewall Riots here, making this gay bar a landmark of gay history.

Stephen Pevner of The Saint at Large
Stephen Pevner is owner of The Saint at Large and producer of the Black Party. Pevner describes how he got here.

Congregation Beth Simchat Torah
Refer to this introduction to learn more about Congregation Beth Simchat Torah. Note the weekly services timetable and meet Congregation Beth Simchat Torah's Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum.

The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Discover the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, the SoHo gallery and preservation organization where queer art is king. At Leslie/Lohman, LGBT art is explored, honored, and presented without apology.

Metro Wrestling
Metro Wrestling is New York’s gay-friendly freestyle wrestling club for adults. Metro Wrestling is a forum for LGBT athletes and beginners to learn the sport, prepare for competition, and to meet new friends.

Founded in 1994, BiRequest is a social discussion group for NYC area bisexuals and their friends. Find out more about this important resource for NYC's bisexual community.

Refer to this page to learn more about QueerDharma, NYC's gathering for LGBT Buddhists. Find meeting information for Manhattan gay Buddhist group QueerDharma.

LGBT Community Service -- Pro Mo’
Highly trained professionals may commit their unique knowledge to LGBT community service. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, Identity House, Lambda Legal, Live Out Loud, and the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund embrace the professions.

Help Fight HIV/AIDS in New York
Consider doing LGBT community service that fights HIV/AIDS. Braking the Cycle, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, CHAMP, GMHC, and Housing Works are some groups committed to this cause.

Boyfriend Material
Boyfriend Material organizes structured dating events for gay men in New York. Thanks to Boyfriend Material’s question-and-answer session, gay men can meet other singles with common interests and values.

Bluestockings Bookstore
Refer to this page for information about Bluestockings Bookstore. Learn about Bluestockings Bookstore and its readings and events, as well as Foodstockings Cafe.

LGBT experimental short films can be seen first on ADD-TV, on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. ADD-TV also spawned the Pill Awards.

LGBT Community Service
Consider dedicating yourself to LGBT community service in the New Year. The Ali Forney Center, Callen-Lorde, God’s Love We Deliver, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, and the Center are all deserving recipients of your New Year’s kindness.

LGBT Community Service -- Part 2
Consider dedicating yourself to LGBT community service in the New Year. The Anti-Violence Project, Audre Lorde Project, Heritage of Pride, NewFest, PFLAG New York City, and SAGE are all deserving recipients of your New Year’s kindness.

Qwik Dates
Qwik Dates organizes structured dating events for single gay men in New York. It is the brainchild of Rafael Risemberg, who founded Date Bait prior to launching Qwik Dates.

20th Annual AIDS Walk New York -- Walk for the Cure
Register to walk or make a donation to support the world's largest AIDS fundraiser. The 10k walk on Sunday, May 15 begins and ends in Central Park. Help raise urgently-needed funds to support the GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis) and other AIDS service organizations.

NYCgayDATE Speed Dating
NYCgayDATE Speed Dating is the work of Hugh Hysell and TheMENEvent. Check out NYCgayDATE’s age- and interest-appropriate social events.

TheMENEvent organizes friendship-seeking, romantic matchmaking, and business networking events for gay singles and couples. Founded by Hugh Hysell, TheMENEvent is a nexus of gay New York social life with 14,000 members.

NYC Lavender Lounge Events
NYC Lavender Lounge Events organizes structured dating events for LGBT singles in New York. Overseen by Marilyn Galfin, attendees of NYC Lavender Lounge Events usually make social connections of many stripes, and they always have fun.

Valentine’s Outing -- Longwood Gardens
A Valentine’s Day weekend begs for daytrips and overnight stays outside of New York. Longwood Gardens makes a great destination for a Valentine’s Day outing.

Harlem Pride
Refer to this Harlem Pride page for information about Harlem's first ever LGBT Pride. Find important dates and locations for the events that will occur throughout Harlem Pride weekend.

New York City Dyke March
Refer to this NYC Dyke March page for information about New York City's annual Dyke March. Learn the history of New York's Dyke March as well as information about this year's event.

Valentine’s Outing -- New Haven, Connecticut
A Valentine’s Day weekend begs for daytrips and overnight stays outside of New York. New Haven, Connecticut, makes a great destination for a Valentine’s Day outing.

St. John the Divine's Spirit of Pride
Refer to this Spirit of Pride article for more information on St. John's the Divine's Spirit of Pride in New York City. Find useful info for this year's Spirit of Pride event.

Gay Fringe Fest NYC
Refer to this page to find gay shows at the 2010 NYC Fringe Festival. Find show times and more information for performances at the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival.

Valentine’s Outing -- Pines Bluff Overlook
A Valentine’s Day weekend begs for daytrips and overnight stays outside of New York. Fire Island Pines and its sole wintertime hotel Pines Bluff Overlook makes a great destination for a Valentine’s Day outing.

The Center's Garden Party
Refer to this page for information about The Center's Garden Party. Find full event info for the LGBT Center's Garden Party during New York City's Gay Pride Week.

Valentine’s Outing -- Hudson, New York
A Valentine’s Day weekend begs for daytrips and overnight stays outside of New York. Consider the renowned cluster of antiques and art dealers in Hudson, New York as a launch pad for a Valentine’s Day outing.

Metropolitan Community Church of New York
Metropolitan Community Church of New York welcomes LGBT Christians. Learn about MCCNY’s principles, service schedule, and pastor Pat Bumgardner.

An LGBT Career Fair
Refer to this Out to Work introduction to learn more about the annual LGBT career fair. Learn important tips for preparing for this LGBT career fair.

Join the 20th annual AIDS Walk New York
On Sunday, May 15, more than 45,000 New Yorkers are expected to take part in the 20th annual AIDS Walk New York starting in Central Park. Join celebrities and your fellow New Yorkers for a walk in the park to raise money for AIDS charities.

My Speedy Valentine
New York is a city of singles. We could spend hours analyzing the whys and wherefores of that fact (my theory is that it has something to do with rampant workaholism). Or, for those of you looking to remedy your singleness, scan the matchmakers here. While many members of this list organize speed-dating events, some services think outside of...

Heritage of Pride -- Pride Week NYC
Heritage of Pride is a non-profit organization that organizes LGBT Pride events in NYC to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. Get more info on their annual Pride Week events, running June 19th through 26th.

Next Magazine
Next Magazine is New York City's hottest guide to gay nightlife and culture. All listings and reviews are updated weekly.

Next Magazine
A hip guide to gay New York -- including events, restaurants, culture, dating, and business.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center
Located in the West Village, the Community Center offers services such as counseling and support groups, along with a full calendar of cultural and social events. The Center also provides newcomers to NYC with an orientation to New York's gay and lesbian community. There's even a regular bingo game. Check it out.

NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
AVP is the crime victim assistance agency for the lesbian, gay, transgender and HIV/AIDS communities in New York City. AVP provides free assistance to crime victims and maintains a 24-hour crisis hotline. AVP also works as an advocate to prevent violence in the community.

New York Blade
New York Blade is the city's only gay owned and operated weekly newspaper. Reaching more than 100,000 readers each week, the Blade covers the news and issues that affect NY's gay and lesbian community. They also feature nightlife, arts and theater guides.

Callen-Lorde is New York City's only health center dedicated to the LGTBH community. Callen-Lorde welcomes all patients, regardless of sexual orientation, insurance coverage, or ability to pay.

Out in NYC
Part of the Out in America network, the Out in NYC site features GLBT news headlines, personals and member photos, Out in Sports, and daily homoscopes.

Black Pride NYC
Black Pride NYC serves LGBT people of African descent by providing educational seminars and cultural events, including an annual multicultural arts festival in June.

City Hall Commitment Ceremonies for NYC Same-Sex Partners
Gay couples in New York City can now use the Manhattan Marriage Bureau chapel for civil commitment ceremonies. Find information here about where and how.

Top 6 East Village Gay Bars

The East Village has long been Manhattan's alternative enclave, and its array of quirky (and sometimes downright raunchy) gay bars reflect that anti-establishment aesthetic. Mainstream this ain't: The fashions and music here are the most cutting edge in the city, but the vibe is generally relaxed, and all are welcome, even slummers and lookie-loos. 


Gotham Volleyball
Gotham Volleyball is New York City's largest gay sports league. Discover more here about how and where to join the happy, sweaty ranks of Gotham Volleyballers.

Desilicious brings New York City's South Asian gay community together for a lively monthly Bollywood-infused party. Learn more about Desilicious here.

Top 6 East Village Gay Bars
The East Village has long been Manhattan's alternative enclave, and its array of quirky (and sometimes downright raunchy) gay bars reflect that anti-establishment aesthetic. Mainstream this ain't: The fashions and music here are the most cutting edge in the city, but the vibe is generally relaxed, and all are welcome, even slummers and...

Poly Pride Weekend
Learn about New York City's Poly Pride Weekend. Find information about the various events taking place during this annual celebration of NYC's LGBT polyamorous community.

Chelsea Pines Inn
Learn more about New York City's Chelsea Pines Inn. Find full details about this affordable and LGBT-friendly hotel, located in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

Queer Black Cinema International Film Festival
Discover more about the Queer Black Cinema International Film Festival. Find dates, showtimes and locations for this year's QBC International Film Festival.

Out of Bounds
Learn more about Out of Bounds, New York City's Umbrella Organization for LGBT Sports and Recreational Groups. Find information about the association and its member teams.

Lavender Light Gospel Choir
Learn more about Lavender Light Gospel Choir, New York's black LGBT gospel chorus. Find out about auditions, rehearsals and performances for Lavender Light Gospel Choir.

The 2010 Emery Awards
Find out more about the Hetrick-Martin Institute's 2010 Emery Awards. Discover more about this important fundraising gala, and crucial info about this year's star-studded 24th annual event.

Night of a Thousand Gowns 2011
This year marks the 25th year of the Night of a Thousand Gowns, the Imperial Court of New York's annual gala dinner and ball. Find out more about the 2011 edition of this star-studded and drag-happy LGBT fundraiser.

Jeffrey Fashion Cares
Jeffrey Fashion Cares is an annual event that brings New York's fashion industry together to benefit some of the city's most deserving gay charities. Find out more about this glamorous event that draws top celebrities, socialites and performers, and boasts appearances by some of the world's hottest male models.

NYC Gay Pride Guide 2012
You likely know that New York City was the setting for the 1969 Stonewall Riots that sparked the first-ever gay pride marches. But you may not also realize that Gotham boasts, by far, the most local prides of any city in the world. Here's your day-by-day guide to NYC's biggest LGBT pride events this June.

Best Gay Proposal Spots in New York City
Now that gay marriage is a reality in New York, many a Gotham couple-member is seeking that perfect setting for inviting their partner to the altar. Fortunately, New York City is hyper-loaded with unique and uniquely romantic proposal options for would-be gay newlyweds. Find some of the best here, from the tried and true to the totally unexpected.

Sirius OutQ Radio
Sirius OutQ satellite radio is America's only 24/7 radio station for the GLBT community. News, music, and entertainment. Free 3-day trial.

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