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Las Buenas Amigas Lesbianas Latinas en Nueva York

A Social, Political, and Educational Group for New York City's Latin Lesbians


Las Buenas Amigas is an educational, social/cultural, political, and recreational organization that's devoted to the ideal of creating a visible presence for Latina lesbians
in society, as well as a unique, safe, empowering space in which to address, discuss, inform, and act on the issues that affect their community the most.

Las Buenas Amigas holds workshops on the first Sunday of every month at the LGBT Community Center. The workshops address a wide range of topics such as gay marriage, self-esteem, breast cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases.


Las Buenas Amigas Lesbianas Latinas en Nueva York

The LGBT Community Center

208 West 13th Street 

New York, NY 10011 

Phone: 718-596-0342, ext. 44

Email: LBA@lasbuenasamigas.org


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