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Run the New York City Marathon

Training Tips and Advice for NYC Marathon Runners


2005 ING New York City Marathon
ING New York City Marathon

A Race Like No Other

The New York City Marathon, held every year in early November, is New York’s biggest party. With just over 37,000 participants and two million spectators lining the streets, it just may be the world’s largest – and loudest – race.

The 26.2-mile course winds through parts of each borough, providing runners with a challenging, lively, and interactive route. Bay Ridge residents welcome runners off the Verrazano Bridge and into Brooklyn with signs, balloons and high-fives just after Mile 1.

Hundreds of Queens spectators line the base of the 59th Street Bridge at Mile 15 and encourage runners up the steep ramp, over the span and into Manhattan. Thousands more crowd the five-mile straightaway up 1st Avenue and the last few hills in Central Park, pushing the exhausted runners through the last .2 miles and across the finish line.

Be a Marathon Man (or Woman)

The New York City Marathon is truly for everyone. World-renowned professional racers line up alongside high school teachers, insurance agents and hairdressers, all of whom represent 50 states and over 100 countries.

If you don’t believe the race is for you, think again -- out of the 36,856 people who crossed the finish line in 2005, 13,377 had never before run a marathon!

Whether you’re a veteran marathoner or a novice jogger looking for an intense challenge, an extensive training program is essential. While the race requires top physical conditioning, crossing the finish line in Central Park also takes a great deal of mental and emotional preparation.

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