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Run the New York City Marathon

Training Tips and Advice for NYC Marathon Runners


2005 ING New York City Marathon
ING New York City Marathon
Below are some training tips to ensure runners a safe, successful and an all-around fun NYC Marathon experience:

It’s all about timing
Central Park may be a 20-minute subway ride from Brooklyn, but on foot it could be a four-to-five hour extravaganza. Runners should leave themselves at least 4-5 months to prepare for the 26.2 mile trek. Mark your calendars for 2006 – if the race is on Sunday, November 5, you should start lacing up your shoes for your first training run no later than early July.

Group hug, anyone?
Many find that training on a regular basis with a group of runners gives them the motivation to tackle those before-work 6-milers and Saturday afternoon 20-milers.

Check out the some of the running organizations in and around New York to find a running partner or training groups:

The New York Road Runners

The New York Flyers

The Running Center, NYC

The Central Park Track Club

Flying solo
Training on your own also has its benefits. Running alone allows you to create an individualized program based on your own fitness level, racing ability, and schedule. Plus, running by yourself allow you to clear your mind, focus and mentally prepare for the race with few distractions.

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