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Yankee Stadium

Home of the New York Yankees


Yankee Stadium -- Home of Baseball's New York Yankees

Since 1923, no baseball field has hosted more World Series games than the legendary Yankee Stadium, allowing each generation to see its share of Hall of Famers.

Just as one would go to Carnegie Hall to see a great tenor, baseball fans visit Yankee Stadium to see its artists perform. From The Bambino and The Clipper to Mr. October and A-Rod, Yankee Stadium has been the place to catch a glimpse of greatness. Every year, Yankees tickets are some of the hottest in New York, and good seats are hard to come by (especially when the BoSox are in town).

Yankee Stadium -- A Brief History

In 1921, The New York Yankees purchased 10 acres of land in the “lovely” Bronx for $675,000 from the estate of William Waldorf Astor. For years, the Yankees were tenants of The Polo Grounds, home stadium of the New York Giants baseball team. But they were eventually forced to leave The Polo Grounds and build a stadium of their own.

With the increased attendance and revenue generated by new slugging sensation, Babe Ruth, the Yankee organization was able to build what was considered the most spectacular ballpark in the country. And on Opening Day in 1923, a crowd of more than 74,000 baseball fans showed up to see The Bambino hit Yankee Stadium’s first home run (against the Red Sox no less).

For forty years, Yankee Stadium was home to a steady stream of championship teams. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig passed the baton to Joe DiMaggio and Phil Rizzuto, who then passed it on to Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. The Yankees were so popular, and drew so many people, that both the Giants and Dodgers fled to the West Coast by 1958. From 1958 through 1961, the Yankees were the only game in town.

But by 1962, both the franchise and the stadium fell on hard times. That year, the Mets were formed and quickly became the toast of the town. With attendance down at Yankee stadium, and with the stadium in disrepair, the owners explored the possibility of moving the team to New Jersey.

A New Hope for Yankee Stadium

George Steinbrenner (aka The Boss) bought the team in 1972 from CBS for $10 million ($4 million less than CBS paid, ouch). In 1973, a major stadium renovation forced The Yankees to play at Shea Stadium for two seasons.

When they finally returned to Yankee Stadium in 1976, a new era began. The Yankee name once again became associated with perennial winners. As of 2006, The Yankees are one of the few professional sports teams valued at over $1 billion (looks like Big George made out pretty well).

Yankee Stadium Part Deux -- The New Yankee Stadium

In the summer of 2005, plans were unveiled for a new Yankee Stadium just north of the current stadium (in Macombs Dam and Mullaly parks). The total project cost will be in excess of $1.1 billion with The Yankees picking up $800 million and the city kicking in $300 million.

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