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Hibba NYC Salon

Eyebrow Threading, Waxing, Sugaring, and More


eyebrow threading

Hibba works her threading magic on a client's eyebrows.

Pamela Skillings
Hibba NYC is a new Soho salon that makes the chore of hair removal an almost pleasant experience. Hibba Kapil, the salon's owner, is a master eyebrow threader and hair removal artiste who learned threading and sugaring techniques from her mother and grandmother during her girlhood in India.

Hibba's new salon on West Broadway is a cozy, welcoming second-story studio. She specializes in eco-friendly hair removal treatments -- including threading using only natural cotton thread, sugaring with Hibba's homemade recipe containing all-natural ingredients, and organic waxing with an all-natural wax made from mushroom extracts, chamomile, and resins.

My First Eyebrow Threading Experience

I recently visited Hibba NYC for my first eyebrow threading experience. I have had my eyebrows plucked and waxed at salons all over Manhattan and frankly had a hard time imagining how anyone could groom perfect arches with a simple length of thread. However, I was game to give threading a try (especially since my neglected eyebrows were looking increasingly Grinch-like).

My visit began with a one-on-one consultation with Hibba, who offered advice on my ideal eyebrow shape and explained the threading process, which basically involves lassoing each individual hair with a loop of thread and pulling it up from the root. Frankly, this didn't sound like a lot of fun, but Hibba assured me that she is a trained "browologist" (the term she made up to describe her passion for perfect eyebrows) and it would hardly hurt at all.

I leaned back in the chair and trusted her. She was fast and precise and there was very little discomfort. I found eyebrow threading to be much less painful than waxing, perhaps because it's done one hair at a time.

Best of all, my eyebrows looked perfect when she was done.

Sugaring and Waxing and Threading, Oh My

In addition to the one-on-one "browology" threading treatments, Hibba offers facial threading and waxing and sugaring of all of the usual body parts for both men and women. The more delicate waxing and sugaring treatments are offered in private cubicles.

Hibba's prices are surprisingly reasonable for a Soho salon. Eyebrow threading treatments are just $15 each (or $120 for a pack of 10), upper lip threading treatments are $5 each (or $40 for a pack of 10). Waxing prices range from $14 (underarms) to $75 (full legs and Brazilian bikini wax). Sugaring is slightly more expensive due to the longer treatment time ($15.40 for underarms to $82.50 for full legs and Brazilian bikini).

Hibba recommends sugaring for those with light hair and/or sensitive skin. She says that it is less painful than waxing, but takes a little longer to apply. Those with heavier, coarse body hair may prefer the organic waxing.

Prior to a waxing or sugaring appointment, Hibba advises a thorough exfoliation of the area to be treated with a loofah on the morning of the appointment and recommends that clients avoid applying lotion to the area that day.

Contact Hibba NYC

Hibba NYC Eyebrow Threading and Hair Removal Boutique
Where: 448 West Broadway between Prince and Houston Streets, 2nd floor
Hours: Tue-Fri 10 am-8 pm, Sat 10 am-7 pm, Sun 11 am-6 pm
Phone Number: 212-260-4321

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