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Halo Air Salt Rooms -- Salt Therapy for New York Detox

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Halo Air Salt Room

The Bottom Line

Halo Air Salt Rooms bring the therapeutic benefits of Eastern European salt caves to New York City. Relax in a salt room and watch TV or think deep thoughts while you breathe in the salty air.

Pure rock salt, dug from European Salt Caves 300 meters below ground, is mixed with air and pumped into the room. Eastern Europeans have long used salt therapy to relieve respiratory and skin ailments, descending into natural salt caves for long, restorative stays. I've only enjoyed one salty session so far and it takes at least a few visits (up to 14) to get the full effects, so stay tuned for my final report.


  • Pleasant, clean environment
  • Opportunity for salty relaxation time
  • Potential health benefits for those of us feeling the toxic effects of breathing New York City air


  • A bit pricey
  • Health benefits require several sesssions


  • Halo Air Salt Rooms
  • Location: 133 W. 22nd St. between 6th and 7th Ave. (646) 666-0554.
  • Fees: $65 for one 50-minute session. Package discounts are available and Halo Air Salt Rooms sometimes offers special deals via Groupon.
  • More information: Halo Air Salt Rooms

Guide Review - Halo Air Salt Rooms -- Salt Therapy for New York Detox

Could relaxing in a salt room really cure for the allergies, sinus troubles, and other toxic ailments that plague New Yorkers? Halo Air Salt Rooms in Chelsea offers a unique way to detox, inspired by the natural Eastern European salt caves that have provided relief since the early 1800's.

My husband suffers from terrible allergies and frequent bronchial infections, especially during the colder months in New York. Because a recent trip to the beach rapidly cured his wheezing and congestion, I wondered if the salt therapy at Halo Air Salt Rooms could provide similar relief. We arranged a visit to find out.

Halo Air Salt Rooms resembles a clinical spa. It's very white and modern and staff members wear white, vaguely medical uniforms. We were greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable Colette, who explained the history of salt therapy in Eastern Europe and the unique technology that powers Halo's HaloGenerator, which delivers dry salt aerosol into the salt rooms and maintains the salt to air ratio at a measured concentration, while the humidity and temperature are controlled to maintain comfort.

Colette told us that customers come to Halo Air Salt Rooms for relief from bad allergies, asthma, sinus troubles, respiratory ailments, skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, and even serious symptoms of cystic fibrosis and COPD. According to Colette, salt therapy can also help with general wellness and detox and cure a bad hangover.

We then put sterile booties on over our shoes and were shown into our salt room. My husband and I were in a double room (single rooms and a children's room are also available). Two white recliners sat side by side, facing a large flat-screen TV displaying nature images. The floor was covered in salt and the the walls and ceiling were spackled with salt too. A small vent periodically blasted a spray of concentrated salty aerosol into the room.

We settled into our recliners, snuggled up with the provided blankets and bottles of water, and breathed deeply. We opted to skip the cable TV and focus on the experience. The salt was certainly noticeable, but not overbearing. By the end of the 50 minutes, our lips tasted salty.

Neither my husband or I felt any dramatic effects. However, Colette warned that it takes a few sesions to really see a difference. For those with serious ailments, up to 14 sessions are recommended for lasting improvement. I felt like I was breathing a bit easier, but was it the salt or just 50 minutes of deep respiration.

We have committed to four sessions to experience the full potential of salt therapy and will report back with a final verdict on the results soon.

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