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Eliza's Eyes, New York's Eyebrow Shaping Guru

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The Bottom Line

For a brow makeover that can take years off of your appearance, it's hard to go wrong with Eliza if you can afford her. She's received rave reviews from celebs, beauty mags, and fashion industry insiders. You will pay for the privilege however...and don't even think about questioning her vision for your brows!


  • Experienced eyebrow artists
  • Great results
  • Fast service
  • Fabulous reputation
  • Celebrity clients


  • Very expensive
  • Need to prep before your visit (avoid plucking for at least 4 weeks)
  • Their way or the highway


  • Price: Eliza costs $120 first visit/$88 follow-up. An "e-ssociate" costs $85/$65. Note that prices have not been published for new salon location on Madison Avenue and may differ slightly.
  • Location: New location is at 30 East 76th Street at Madison Avenue
  • Phone Number: 1-800-EYE-BROW or 212-757-0702

Guide Review - Eliza's Eyes, New York's Eyebrow Shaping Guru

Eliza's Eyes has a reputation as THE New York salon for eyebrow shaping. Eliza Petrescu has shaped the brows of celebs like JLo and Oprah and earned rave reviews from countless beauty magazines. But what convinced me to visit Eliza were the passionate testimonials of her clients, who credit her with taking years off of their faces.

Eliza was able to fit me in on short notice. Though she often has a waiting list, Eliza and her team have an efficient system that gets most clients in and out in about twenty minutes.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't read the fine print on the web site that advised me not to pluck my brows for 4-6 weeks prior to my first visit. When I had my audience with the guru herself, Eliza was not amused. "Who has butchered you?" she demanded.

Luckily, Eliza took pity on my bedraggled brows. She used her brow kit (highly recommended though not cheap at $50) to give me a mini-makeover. She didn't even charge me. She advised me not to touch my brows for at least three months and then come back.

After talking to friends who got the full treatment, I heard almost unanimously positive reviews. One friend, however, felt that Eliza didn't listen to her feelings about what she wanted. Since publishing this review, I have also heard from several readers who felt that they overpayed for their time with the brow guru. Eliza certainly has her own opinions and is not shy about expressing them. She may not be the right choice for everyone (those on a budget may want to look elsewhere), but she has certainly earned her reputation as the first name in eyebrows in New York City.

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