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Top 5 Celebrity Hair Salons in New York City


Do you covet the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity? Get your hair cut and colored at the salons where the stars go. New York City is home to celebrity hair stylists who regularly make supermodels and movie stars look gorgeous. You'll pay a fortune for a star-quality hairstyle, but you might just spot Uma, Nicole, or Sarah Jessica under the next dryer.

1. Garren New York

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From Courney Love to Oprah Winfrey, everybody who's anybody has been to Garren. Garren's client list includes fashion icons like Madonna, Nicole Kidman, and the late Audrey Hepburn. He's also styled hair for countless magazine covers and for top models including Naomi, Cindy, Giselle, and Kate. Garren's posh salon in Henri Bendel's will make you feel like a celebrity too.

2. April Barton's Suite 303

Want a rock star haircut? Visit April Barton's salon on the third floor of the Chelsea Hotel (talk about a location with rocker cred). Suite 303's clients include Elvis Costello, Eddie Vedder, and the boys from Oasis and U2. Haircuts are by appointment only and range in price from $50 to $120+, depending on the stylist. Call 212-633-1011 for more info.

3. Sally Hershberger Downtown

Sally is as famous for her $600 haircuts as she is for her celebrity clients (Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer). Sally's trendy salon in the Meatpacking District is so cool and exclusive, she doesn't even need a web site. But you can call her at (212) 206-8700.

4. Sharon Dorram-Krause at John Frieda Salon

Sharon Dorram-Krause is the head colorist at the John Frieda Salon and the color genius behind the shining tresses of Renee Zellwegger, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, and other stars. She's hard to book, but you can try to make an appointment at (212) 879-1000.

5. John Barrett

John Barret's salon on the penthouse floor of Bergdorf Goodman offers views of Central Park and lots of pampering. Barrett's clients include plenty of Bergdorf Blondes as well as celebrities. Be prepared to wait months for an appointment and pay big bucks (a cut from Barrett is $400 while staff cuts start at $110).

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