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Photo Tour of Sites of Famous New York Deaths


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Welcome to Dead Apple Tours!
Dead Apple Tours of New York City
Dead Apple Tours offers a unique New York experience -- a tour of the haunted and tragic sites of famous New York murders and iconic death scenes.

Join us as we jump in a custom 1960 hearse named Desdemona for a visit to Manhattan's dark side. Our guide is Drew Raphael, a man with a spookily comprehensive knowledge of New York City bloodshed.

Raphael started leading tourists and New Yorkers on Dead Apple Tours in late 2010. His inspiration came after noticing how people responded to the death of actor Heath Ledger. He noticed how many were drawn to Ledger's home and the site of his death -- to pay tribute or try to make sense of the tragedy.

We joined Raphael for the downtown loop of his tour, but an uptown loop will also be offered starting on Halloween night 2011. Tours run daily (except for Sundays) at 10:30am and 7:30pm, with special midnight tours running during Halloween season.

Prepare to attract the stares of passersby as your hearse glides through the streets of New York. You might think that people would be horrified by a hearse with a skeleton in the passenger seat wearing a jaunty Statue of Liberty crown, but we got nothing but smiles as we set out on our morbid exploration of what Raphael calls "the living history of New York's deceased."

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