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Tyler's Trees Review

Get Your New York Christmas Tree Delivered

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New York City Christmas tree from Tyler's Trees
Decorate your New York City apartment with a beautiful Christmas tree this holiday season. Tyler's Trees evergreens are real and spectacular -- and they can deliver yours right to your door and set it up for you.

The Challenge of the New York City Christmas Tree

If you live in New York City, it can be a challenge to get the perfect real Christmas tree for the holidays.

Despite what you may have seen in romantic comediesever set in New York City, you can't buy a tree from a delightfully jolly man on every street corner.

Sure, there are plenty of sweet-smelling mini Christmas tree lots around the city. However, real Christmas trees are expensive (they're not exactly locally produced in Manhattan) and they're heavy and awkward to transport, even when they're apartment-size.

The guys at Tyler's Trees have a solution. They will pick out a tree for you, deliver it to your New York City home, set it up for you, and tell you how to take are of it.

My Tyler's Trees Experience

Christmas tree

My husband and I haven't had a real Christmas tree in our New York City apartment in years. This year, I was feeling nostalgic for the smell of evergreen in December. Unfortunately, there are no Christmas tree vendors close to our apartment and I wasn't about to drag a tree across town or try to wedge one into the trunk of a taxi.

I've known about Tyler's Trees for the last few years and we include them on our list of New York City Christmas tree vendors. This Christmas season, I decided to put them to the test.

The order process was easy. You just go to the Tyler's Trees site, select your size of tree (your options range from a four-foot XS to a nine-foot XXL), and pay for it with PayPal or any major credit card.

Prices start at $139, a bit pricey for the budget decorator but not exorbitant compared to other New York City options.

The Tyler's Trees crew will contact you via email to schedule a delivery time as soon as payment is processed. They have evening and weekend hours and will try to accommodate your schedule. Just keep in mind that delivery times get booked up quickly as Christmas approaches.

We set a delivery time after 8pm on a Thursday night and got our confirmation. We provided a phone number and the delivery team texted us about 15 minutes before delivery to let us know they were on their way.

Right on schedule, a strong, friendly guy showed up at our door with a beautiful live Christmas tree over his shoulder. He set it up for us in just a few minutes (the tree stand and tree skirt come free with every order) and gave us advice about how to keep the tree fresh.

For example, he advised us to fill the stand with hot water to start and then refill it frequently with warm water so the tree doesn't dry out. He also advised us that it would take at least a few hours for all of the branches to drop into a natural position after being tied up for transport.

We love our beautiful tree and the purchase and delivery experience couldn't have been easier or more pleasant. We also like that Tyler's Trees is a small NYC-based business -- and you can tell by the friendly, personal service.

Tyler's Christmas Tree Pricing

  • S 5': $139
  • M 6': $169
  • L 7': $209
  • XL 8': $279
  • Rockefeller 9': $359

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