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Century 21

Find Outrageous Bargains at Century 21 Department Store


At Century 21, find designer apparel and accessories marked down by as much as 75%.

What’s the catch? Stop in on a weekend and it’s a bargain-hunting madhouse. Luckily, throwin’ elbows and hip-checking tourists is semi-approved behavior -- just be discreet. Those Gucci sunglasses priced 50% off retail are worth it.
  • Location: 22 Cortlandt St., between Church St. and Broadway. 212-227-9092.

  • Hours:
    • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -- 7:45AM - 8PM

    • Thursday and Friday -- 7:45AM - 8:30PM

    • Saturday -- 10AM - 8PM

    • Sunday -- 11AM - 7PM

  • Directions: A,C,J,M,Z,2,3,4,5 to Fulton Street/Broadway-Nassau, 1,9 to Rector Street, E to World Trade Center

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