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New York City Department Store Guide

Guide to Shopping at NYC Department Stores


Sure, you can skip the sales tax in New Jersey, but nowhere can you find a more varied and upscale selection of apparel, accessories and home items thanManhattan’s department stores.

Join a distinct breed of New York super-shoppers and stroll, browse or splurge your way through the city’s flagship stores to learn what makes each location truly unique.
  • Macy's -- Find out how to fight the crowds and find the best deals at the famous Macy's department store.

  • Bergdorf Goodman -- When only the best will do, make a trip to the elegant Bergdorf Goodman.

  • Bloomingdale's -- Find deals on designer goodies on 59th Street or in Soho.

  • Century 21 -- Century 21 is the place to go for outrageous deals on the top brands.

  • Saks Fifth Avenue -- Splurge at Saks for that special occasion.

  • Barneys -- Barney's is the trendy counterpart to Bergdorf's and Saks.

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