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Best Pizza Places in Manhattan

After Trying These Pizza Picks, You’ll Never Eat Pizza Hut Again!


best pizza in manhattan

New York is a pizza lover's paradise. There is nowhere else in the world where you can find so many pizza places so close to one another.

MenuPages lists 713 New York City establishments that primarily serve pizza -- including 14 Ray's, 7 Luigi's, 6 Sal's, and 4 Tony's. The only problem is... nearly all of them claim to serve up the city's best slice.

We thought we'd save you some time by compiling a list of our favorite pizza places in Manhattan. Although you'll find variations in recipes, ingredients, and nearly every other aspect about how the pizza is prepared, there is one thing we can promise you for sure -- after visiting these establishments, you'll never eat at Pizza Hut again.

  • Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Brewery
    Only in New York would people wait in line for an hour on a sweltering summer day for a slice of pizza. Artichoke opened to rave reviews in early 2008 and pizza lovers throughout the city have been flocking there ever since. They serve three varieties, all which are equally delicious: a square Sicilian slice ($3.50), a classic Neapolitan slice ($3.50) and an artichoke-spinach slice ($4.00).

    Although the prices are high, the slices are also huge. There's no guaranteed way to avoid the lines, but we suggest swinging by around 5:00 p.m. for an early dinner or on your way home from the bars when the crowds die down after midnight.

    With no place to sit, your best bet is to find a nearby stoop where you can linger and enjoy one of the most welcomed new additions to the city's pizza scene.

    Location: 328 East 14th Street (between 1st Avenue & 2nd Avenue)

  • Lombardi’s
    This Nolita joint, which opened in 1905, claims to be "America's First Pizzeria." After closing its doors for a decade, Lombardi's reopened in 1994 to the same fanfare that helped earn it legendary status among the city’s pizza places.

    Out-of-towners can often be seen mingling with locals on the corner of Spring Street and Mott Street, as they wait for a table and the opportunity to taste one of the city's most delicious pies. Skip the small 14-inch pie for $15.50 and order a large 18-inch pie for $19.50. It comes with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil; additional toppings start at $3. Although the prices are probably a bit higher than when Lombardi's first opened, you can be sure that the pizza is just as tasty.

    Location: 32 Spring Street (between Mott Street & Mulberry Street)

  • Nick’s Pizza
    While many New Yorkers venture to the outer boroughs in search of the city’s best pizza, they can save a trip out to Queens now that the famous Nick’s Pizza has a location on the Upper East Side. Their pizzas (a small is $13.00 and a large is $15.00) are uniformly excellent – a crispy crust, gooey mozzarella cheese, tangy marinara sauce, and a touch of fresh basil that completes their mouth watering pies.

    You can choose from a dozen toppings, which will cost you an extra $2.00 each. But Nick’s is about more than just pizza. Start your meal with their watercress and arugula salad with roasted peppers, sundried tomato and honey mustard vinaigrette. Finish it off with one of their renowned cannolis.

    Location: 1814 2nd Ave (between 93rd Street & 94th Street)

  • Una Pizza Napoletana
    Although some New Yorkers have called Una Pizza Napoletana their favorite pizza place in the world, others have been turned off by the high prices and limited selection. At $21.95 for a 12-inch personal pizza, it’s hard to feel like you’re not getting ripped off. But despite the fact that a party of four people can easily run up a bill of more than $100, there is generally a long wait for a table at this East Village restaurant, which seats about 30 people.

    The bianca pizza (buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, basil, and sea salt) is our favorite, but no trip here is complete without trying their other three pies: marinara, margherita, and filetti. They’re only open Thursday - Sunday evenings from 5 p.m. until they run out of fresh dough. We suggest getting there early to avoid the lines and ensure they still have ingredients in stock!

    Location: 349 East 12th Street (between 1st Avenue & 2nd Avenue)

  • Patsy’s Pizzeria
    Although Patsy’s has seven Manhattan locations, making it one of the city’s most convenient places to grab some tasty pizza, we suggest heading up to East Harlem and checking out the original restaurant. Open since 1933, its $1.75 slices and $11.00 pies are among the best deals in the city.

    Cooked in a coal oven, Patsy's super thin pizza crusts create a chewy base for their signature pies. The remaining six locations feature equally tasty (yet more expensive) pizza and the same friendly service that makes this city staple one of New York’s most enjoyable places to dine.

    • 2287 1st Avenue (East Harlem)

    • 67 University Place (Greenwich Village)

    • 509 3rd Avenue (Murray Hill)

    • 1312 2nd Avenue (Upper East Side)

    • 61 West 74th Street (West Side)

    • 318 West 23rd Street (Chelsea)

    • 200 East 60th Street (East Side)

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