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Cheap Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas for Cheap New Yorkers


Are you strapped for cash this Valentine's Day? Maybe you're a laid-off Wall Streeter, an underpaid cubicle monkey, or a starving artist. If you can't afford to drop big bucks on Valentine's Day this year, we have some great cheap Valentine's Day gift ideas.

It's supposed to be the thought that counts when it comes to choosing a romantic Valentine's Day gift. But even shallow and greedy Valentines will love these cheap but romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas.

  • Valentine's Day Restaurant Specials and Prix Fixe Dinner Deals -- Check out our list of 20 great Valentine's Day dinner specials and prix fixe restaurant deals. Choose from bargain meals and special deals from some of New York's most romantic restaurants (some are still a little pricey but you'll find a few deals).

  • 5 Napkin Burger for 2 -- Share a burger for two with your honey at any 5 Napkin Burger location in Manhattan. For $39, you get a burger big enough to share, 2 side dishes, and a large-format beer or a bottle of wine.

  • The "Sure Thing" at Bottlerocket -- For just $19, make it a sure thing on Valentine's Day. Wine store Bottlerocket is offering a package of booze, love poems, and NYC-branded condoms. For $39, you can upgrade to the Love Bucket featuring two bottles of wine and a wine journal. Stop by the store or call 212-929-2323 to order.

  • A Romantic Movie -- Order a special Valentine's Day Fandango gift card for you sweetheart and enjoy a love story together on February 14.

  • Free Love in Times Square -- Stop by Times Square for a free Valentine's Day event featuring a vow renowal on the iconic red steps and the opportunity to share your love story at the BRIDES "Declare Your Love" truck and have it streamed live on brides.com.

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